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Check out my latest published books. After spending countless hours working up to release dates, I’m proud to announce they are out to be read. creative, innovative, and filled with excitement.

If you liked my previous titles I guarantee you’ll love these as well.

It's Always Been You

This Sexy, New Romance is available now

on a Kindle near you!!

It's always been you Amazon Cover .jpg

We had one brief encounter 15 years ago when we were both teens.
Now, he’s back home, looking like he wants to finish what we started—but the obstacles seem insurmountable. He’s my boss’s son, and his father has sworn me to secrecy about things his children know nothing about. When he forces his son and me to work together, his son thinks he can control me at work and at home. He doesn’t share well with others, and he makes that crystal clear to any man who looks in my direction.

It doesn’t help that he has his own personal baggage that could throw a wrench in us getting to know each other again.

Can we get past the secrets and jealousy trying to tear us apart? Or were we doomed from the start?
Jr, how can I make you understand, It's Always Been You?

Another Steamy Office Romance by Author Hadley Raydeen. 
Warning: If you are not a fan of erotic interracial romance, this is not the one for you.